Homemade jam (To everyone’s)

A unique, original and tasty with which you can not fail. Made with seasonal fruits and personalized care in presentation design. You can choose flavors, label design and even buy us only decorated boats and work it out yourselves.



Felt Brooches (For Her)

A brooch handmade felt, always a nice tidbit to surprise your guests. We developed personalized brooches reason whatsoever ye (floral, groom, hearts …). They are presented in individual bag with a label of your link.


Bow Casanova (For Him)

Bowties very colorful fabric handmade lace to button. An elegant detail and fun, perfect to give the guests at the party funny note. They come presented in individual bag with a label of your link.


Artisan Biscuits (To everyone’s)

Tasty cookies craft that will delight your guests. A very original detail and with different designs and colors to choose from. They come presented in individual bag and label your wedding.

d-galletasgalletas bautizo

Lata with flowers (To everyone’s)

They say that a love of fruit must cultivate with love. What better way to celebrate your happiness that this detail so original giving your guests.

The aluminum can containing sand and petunia seeds in assorted colors; also forraremos with your custom design.


Mini Polaroid Magnets (To everyone’s)

A very original gift to surprise your guests, functional and fully customizable. Your guests will have a nice memory of yours, with these magnets polaroid shaped pen with adhesive on cardboard and in two sizes: 5 x 7 cm or 3 x 4 cm. Is presented individually in cellophane bags which can include several with different pictures.



Mini Bambas

Mini style converse sneakers in different colors, made 100% handmade with “goma eva”. They can be personalized with stickers on the sides and contain candy or sweets.


Mini Plants

Surprise your guests with a fun and varied mini plants decorated and customized to taste.