Seating Plan

The seating plan for a wedding is the scheme made ​​by the couple, that tells where each guest will place.
Because I do not present it in an original way, with a subject and a custom design. (Eg Seating for travelers)


Custom Labels

We made wooden stamps with the design of your event, so you can customize all your: details, invitations, cards … If we encargáis invitations seal design is free!


Frame holder rings

There are a thousand ways to bring the rings the wedding day, we will suggest a beautiful and original well. We make racks hand embroidered with the reasons you want.

portaanillos3 portaanillos2

Stickers for cars

Have you thought of decorating the car of newlyweds in an original way. We design personalized with your names, dates and graphic motifs you want. The vinyl we use detachable and can be removed from the vehicle at the end of the link, you can combine colors and even you can not label us.




Wedding Photographers

Although we are amateur photographers, we prefer to recommend 100% professional about it. The Fotoshop spent many years working in the wedding photo shoot and made ​​some great mounts. In addition they are our partners and many of our invitations take pictures of him.