Who are we

First of all, before we introduce CreOH say that! Weddings we believe in love, in love for life, if not, it would make sense for us, sign this business. CreOH! Weddings is an adventure, exciting and wonderful to not only try to offer a good service, but to fulfill your dreams and desires.

Antonio Velasco:

Graphic Designer and Art Director with over 12 years experience in the graphic arts industry.

Expert in production and a creative profile, give with your idea of ​​event graph and look at the best solutions in terms of materials and printing techniques are concerned.

Happily married and brother of Arantxa.

Arantxa Velasco:

Graduate in Teaching Children with a doctorate in your free time in plastic, kitchen and crafts. With great taste in detail and with great creativity, is able to offer multiple creations for your event and make fun cakes.

About to marry the sister of Antonio. (For your wedding we handle everything in CreOH! Weddings)